You know, that generalization about gamers having no friends and having too much free time that they could be using doing something else isn’t completely unfounded. Here I am, a loner with too much free time with which he’s creating a gaming blog. I do reviews, for the most part, critically analyzing a game and establishing its flaws: things like bad control, wonky camera, crap story, badly written dialogue, a lack of fun, genericness and lasps in logic that occur because developers didn’t give a damn about what they were making. Which is quite a few developers, mind. What makes me different than everyone else, I think (and hope) is that I absolutely refuse to drool over games I like. My criticism is as constructive as possible without sacrifcing humor and sarcasm. I’ll also be posting my opinion on recent events in the industry. Like Hideo Kojima getting shot in the face. Or magically becomine a good writer. Either event is unlikely, of course.